TRI President Hits the Road… In Style.

HoonDog’s Legend Lives! June 1 marked the 50th anniversary celebration of the hit movie Bullitt, as well as the 11th annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show in Los Angeles, so a group of 27 hardcore Bullittheads from around the country (some who’d driven as much as 3,000 miles just to get to the event) tacked a 400-mile side trip onto their once-in-a-lifetime journey, cruising from L.A. to San Francisco together to relive a few of the movie’s epic chase scenes.

TRI President, Tom Martindale, was included in that Bullitt-bunch of 27.  What’s better–with his extensive knowledge of San Francisco’s streets (due to 30 years of service in #SF #CRE) he was asked to be one of two drivers to lead the caravan roaring down 101, weaving through Lombard Street, and wrapping up beneath San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gates.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Watch the video below to be taken along the journey…