Be a #CRE Advocate, Not Just an Agent: SF Made

Be a #CRE Advocate, Not Just an Agent

For TRI retail advisor Ross Portugeis, commercial real estate is about more than brick-and-mortar transactions. Ross is a passionate advocate for local entrepreneurs, and for sustainable growth of small business throughout the community. But these are challenging times in San Francisco’s overheated #CRE market and it takes more than one person chipping away at the problem to make a difference. Enter SFMade, a dynamic local nonprofit dedicated to reviving and expanding manufacturing in San Francisco. Ross is a staunch supporter of their work and now sits on the board of their subsidiary, 150 Hooper Inc.

 The 150 Hooper project is a joint venture with Kilroy Real Estate, creating a dedicated hub for manufacturing businesses. Through the agreement, SFMade, through their subsidiary Placemade, will take ownership of a brand new 50,000-sf production, distribution, and manufacturing facility. Lease income will support the work of SFMade and help the organization expand, while local manufacturing businesses will have the perfect space to put down roots and grow.

 In a city where big business has a clear and nearly unchallenged advantage in commercial real estate, 

SFMade and Ross Portugeis are helping to deliver a satisfying win.

*Photographs taken at The Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Summit in November, 2017