Agent Spotlight: David Hosbein

Your key to success?
More effort, more calls, NOW!

Biggest moment/feeling of success?
In 2015, six-digit success. 

Greatest challenge and how you overcame it?
Challenge: Losing several big listings.  Solution: reviewing client database and brainstorming bigger, better opportunities. It’s a matter of connecting the dots – matching trade buyers who want to invest here with the right apartment properties in Sacramento.

Most notable Apartment Market trend?
Apartment pricing has reached peak levels.  Make sure every Multi-Family acquisition has a sound operational strategy (new tenants, cost savings, online marketing, etc.) At these prices, investors must know who their prospective tenants are, what they can pay, and why they will choose this property over the competition.

Favorite building in which you were involved in the transaction? 
Continental Arms, 39 units in Roseville. This is the acquisition that convinced me to focus on Multi-Family brokerage. 
It delivered significant value to my client. The property was languishing on the market, until the right investor came along and took it on. Again, it’s all about matching investors with the right properties.

Key to building great relationships with clients? 
Get to know more about them. Ask them about the type of properties they like and why. Find out what craft beer they like. Find out about their families, the names of their wife and kids. 

Key to building great relationships with other agents?   I’m happy to strike a deal to move a deal ahead. Don’t be a slacker.  If I collaborate with an agent, I basically consider them to be my client. 

When did you obtain your BRE license?
Strangely enough I did it twice, in July of 2002, and again in 2011.  When I got my license the first time, my plan was to broker apartments in Los Angeles but instead I got a job doing acquisitions for Westfield (the Australia-based, shopping center conglomerate).  I didn’t need my broker’s license while I was at Westfield and I inadvertently let it lapse. When I moved to brokerage, I had to study up and take the test again.

CRE Firms Must Develop New Talent To Thrive – Globe St.

“TRI is very concerned about what we consider to be the ‘lost generation’ of young talent entering #CRE brokerage post-2008 recession”- TRI Commercial President, Tom Martindale SIOR on the new talent that CRE firms need to cultivate in order to survive. Featuring multiple different voices from other experts in the field, including numerous fellow CORFAC International affiliates, Globe St. presents a wide perspective on the subject.  Full article linked on image below:  

Gold Award Winner – CORFAC International’s Fifth Annual Standards of Excellence Awards

TRI Commercial was presented as the Gold Award Winner of CORFAC International‘s Fifth Annual Standards of Excellence Awards at the Fall Summit in Denver, CO.
Recognizing a company’s leadership, participation, referrals, industry awards, CORFAC branding, and reporting, we at TRI are honored, humbled, and excited to continue embodying these valuable attributes!  Thank you for your acknowledgement and support!

CORFAC International 2017 Fall Summit – Denver, CO

TRI held a strong presence this year at the Bi-Annual CORFAC International Summit held in Denver, CO.

With seasoned agents, new associates, a panel speaker, and the TRI CEO and President in tow, TRI had the distinction of being the best repped affiliate in The Mile-High City!
As always, it was an excellent and information occasion full of the sharing of knowledge that goes hand in hand with #BuildingGreatRelationships.

As one of our newer agents and first-time CORFAC attendee noted, “It was inspiring to see so many CORFAC affiliates come together from all over the world.  Witnessing the synergy first-hand really shifted my perspective of this global CRE community.”

Looking forward to networking @ the Spring Summit in Austin, TX, February 28-March 3, 2018!